Posted On March 16, 2011

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For this week, I will be talking about our major project and what we did.  We got four people in our group and we decided to do something about cellphones.  Why?  Because each one of us have an interest in them.  We like to play with our cellphones, learn more about them, modify our phones to the way we like them and even change them every so often.  Also, it is because I work for Fido as well.   For our project, we have made a website which features mainly on smartphones in the cellphone industry.  We all know Apple’s iPhone have changed the way smartphones have become.  It is no longer the old style in which we use a stylus to navigate.  And because of that, the smartphone industry have changed dramatically in recent years.

Now with our website, we used a program called Dreamweaver.  It is a very simple to use program to layout our website and design.  Creating links and changing fonts is a breeze in this program.  If you are going to be designing a website for a company, you probably should know HTML but with this software, you don’t even need to know any HTML.

Here is our website:




Posted On March 3, 2011

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So this week, we are set to get ready to do our online presentations.  Now when I first heard about this, I didn’t know how online presentations are even done!  Do we present this live in a chat room or something?  Some special program that can broadcast live video to other students?  I was very unclear about this.

Of course, we are now presented with a list of ways to do our online presentations by our professor.  Like some other students, it is my first time hearing what a “narrated powerpoint presentation” was.  It was interesting because as most students know, powerpoint presentations are just slides after slides with information.  I would never have thought powerpoint have this functionality of recording.

Moreover, I also learned about ustream.tv.  I did not know what this was so I went and did a little research.  It is quite an interesting way of broadcasting shows.  Here’s a video for other students if you would like to setup a ustream.tv account:

Ultimately though, for my online presentation, I would be using a simple video editor with my Sony Ericsson Xperia X10’s camera.  For this, I will be using a program called Pinnacle Studio 14, which is a powerful AND simple to use video editor.  This is a program I have used in a previous course for doing video projects.


Posted On February 13, 2011

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In this week, we are introduced of a software called Audacity.  In my life, I’ve only used similar programs such as Audacity a few times.  Personally, I haven’t used this one in particular but I have learned that Audacity is quite a powerful program.  I have used Adobe Audition in the past and it is also a powerful program.  However, it seems like Audacity is a much simpler and easier to use program.  This program can edit, record, and play music files and sound files.  There are many features of this program such as removing noise, digital effects and plugins as well as simple editing modes such as cutting and removing parts of a sound file.   It seems like this program supports many types of sound files including WAV, AIFF, MP3 as well as WMA, AAC etc..

This program seems like a promising software to have if you’re into movie editing where you would need to have sound effects or even producing podcasts if you’re into that.

Here’s a quick basic tutorial that I found useful for this software.


Posted On February 3, 2011

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So this week, we are introduced to website development.  I have learned that with website designing, there are 3 main points in order to do a successful website.  First is content.  This is the main part of the website in which you need some kind of content to catch the reader’s attention.  It’s similar to an essay where as long as you have interesting content, you will be able to engage with the visitors.  Constantly updating of the site would also allow more visitors to re-visit your website in a continuous basis.  That would be the second point.  The third point is design.  By having a visually attractive design for your site would give a good first impression.  This will leave high marks in their mind and the chances of revisiting your site would be high.

I have done website designing in the past but I would need to brush up my skills in HTML.  I have used programs such as Dreamweaver and such but I would want to use HTML code instead.  Using Dreamweaver is easier but I personally believe that once you know HTML, you would do a better job in designing.

More points to make a good website is described in this video:


Posted On January 28, 2011

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Hello and welcome to my blog.  First off, I’m excited to be in an online course.  I’m sure I can learn and take away something that would be useful for me in the future.  Now some of the things I have learned throughout these past two weeks is creating a blog.  I have never posted anything on a blog before.  I do however read a lot of blogs online.  Now I think the most important in online communication is having a centralized place to share information.  For this course, for example, there is Moodle.  It just shows us how leaders or a head of a department can communicate with workers efficiently in one single place.

It also amazes me how there are many ways to communicate online which can be useful for business.  For example, using Facebook or even Twitter, these online social networks which can be used by both personal and businesses can be implemented for to increase ways to communicate.  Here is a video that briefly explains how business are starting to use these social networks to communicate.


Posted On January 14, 2011

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Hello everyone. My name is Colin and I’m in my 4th year in University of Victoria. I’m majoring in economics and hope that this course will increase my knowledge in cyberspace communications. I always had an interest in internet and technology so I’m sure I will enjoy this course!